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The Health & Wellness Education Center is where individuals’ turn when they need understanding about a particular illness and for limited medical and social services.

The purpose of the center is to link individuals to available resources relating to health, education and social needs.

At the Health & Wellness Education Center, we believe that many illnesses can be prevented, delayed, or solved through better education and health related resources.

Health and Wellness Education Center of Health and Wellness Education Center was established in November 2001, to meet the health, social, and educational needs of individuals in Sumter and surrounding counties. The organization has linked thousands of individuals to medical, social and educational programs.
Health Care
Our mission is to promote healthier lifestyles and improve the social status of individuals by:

1.Helping individuals gain access to health care

2.Linking individuals to available resources

We provide one on one tutorial help and linkage to educational and training services which promotes self sufficiency and job opportunities.
Health and Wellness Education Center
Health and Wellness Education Center provides and coordinates services to help individuals achieve and maintain optimal levels of health. 
Health and Wellness Education Center
1117 North Washington Street
Livingston, AL 35470
For medication help, 
visit: chronicrx.org
Need job training, visit: corporatecareertraining.com
Health and Wellness Education Center Since 2001